BBA #18 Light Wheat Bread

I originally made this bread about a year ago but didn’t get pictures taken of the process, so a few weeks ago I made it again. I mixed bread flour, whole wheat flour, honey, salt, powdered milk, instant yeast, shortening and water. This created a standard dough that was pretty straight forward in processing.

I should have rolled the dough a little tighter before placing it in the pan because you can see that I had a little separation of layers happening in the baked loaf. Overall, this bread was a little ‘meh’ for me. It tasted a little like sawdust. I’m not sure if I should have used butter over the shortening, or maybe a little extra salt, but this bread as I made it was not really that great (a rare thing indeed).

The next bread up is the marbled rye which creates a beautiful loaf.


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  1. Well, having had some of it the First time you made it… sure, maybe not as exciting as some of the breads you made (how do you compare wheat sandwich bread with cinnamon swirls…?), but it was pretty yummy! Admittedly, I think I toasted it and had it with home made jam…

    Excited to see your new baking adventures too!!!


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