FFwD: Mustard Batons

Hello fellow bakers!

Today is mustard baton day and I really enjoyed making these. My big splurge included going to a gourmet grocers to find that elusive Maille mustard so my batons could “be all they can be”. Seriously, I am a mustard lover so I thought I should use this as a perfect excuse to purchase some real French Dijon mustard when it is featured so prominently in a recipe. So I did, score one for me. Let’s with a look at the ingredients below -most of which are kitchen tools of some fashion. This my friends was an easy recipe! 

 I started by sprinkling a piece of parchment paper with flour, removing the packaging from one sheet of puff pastry and very carefully unfolded it on top of the parchment. I rolled it out into a long rectangle close to the 12×16 inches that Dorie suggests. 

I opened our star ingredient and spooned a few tablespoons onto the bottom half of the puff pastry and used a brush to smooth it into a thin layer over the lower half of the dough.

I carefully folded the non mustard side over the top of the mustard side and then transferred the dough to another piece of parchment so I could make the cuts without running off the edge of the paper.

Using a ruler and pizza cutter, I sliced up the dough and then carefully moved each one apart from its neighbor so they would have room to “puff’ in the oven.

Taking another pastry brush, I then painted the surface of each strip with the egg wash and sprinkled a few with the poppy seeds for contrast. Into the 400 degree oven they went for about 20 minutes.

Into the 400 degree oven they went for about 20 minutes.

They smelled very good while in the oven, something about all that butter I guess…

They puffed so nicely.

These were perfect for munching on and so easy to make. I did like that the mustard flavor really came through. I think the next time I entertain these easy appetizers will be on the menu!


5 responses to this post.

  1. These look great! The ruler and pizza cutter make these a snap for perfect batons.


  2. Super great process photos – I want to reach out and grab one of these amazing batons ! Nana and I had fun with these and now want to go back to Paris more than ever, just to visit the Maille shop again. Ok, to do more than visit the mustard store- but we would definitely put that on the agenda ! I still can’t beleive how easy this recipe was for such incredible results. This will be a big repeat in our households. Great post~


  3. These were fun & easy, weren’t they? I think my pizza cutter is one of my favorite kitchen tools – once in a while, I even use it to cut a pizza…


  4. Posted by Teresa on April 23, 2011 at 3:53 pm

    Those look wonderful – your process photos are perfect, too. One of the things that I love about this group is the excuse it often gives to go shopping for ingredients and equipment.


  5. What a great excuse to indulge in one of your favorite condiments!


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